What is the

Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics?

The Gold Standard for Training in Aesthetics 

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics is a blended learning experience, comprising both hands-on practical training and online learning to give you a comprehensive understanding of both the core theory and knowledge and the practical skills you need to provide high standard aesthetic treatments. 

The Postgraduate in Facial Aesthetics is the gold standard of aesthetics training for medical professionals, separating you from the competition with a high level of knowledge and practical skills. This route will guide you to the essential treatment areas to allow you to develop a flourishing aesthetics career in New Zealand, covering the most popular aesthetic treatment areas for Kiwis, so you will be able to perfectly cater to your clientele.

The postgraduate diploma in Facial Aesthetics is the recommended route for any medical professional in New Zealand looking to enter the world of aesthetics; it is specifically designed to create a pathway for beginners in aesthetics to establish themselves as a fully qualified, confident aesthetic practitioner in both Anti-Wrinkle injections and dermal filler. 

Postgraduate Diploma Framework


Advantages of the

Postgraduate Diploma

  •  Establish confidence in yourself as a highly trained and qualified injector
  •  Set yourself apart from others in this competitive industry
  •  Ensure you have the knowledge to be able to set up an aesthetics business
  •  Have the confidence and knowledge to be able to safely manage complications and medical emergencies
  •  Exclusive lifelong access to private Facebook support group – helping you build your network within the aesthetics industry and receive live updates and news
  •  Gain a globally recognised qualification allowing you to practice in many countries around the world

Pathway to

Level 7 Diploma

  • 150 hours of online study through MATA’s bespoke VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)
  • 7 online interactive modules
  • 3 written assignments - Critical Literature Review, Risk Assessment, Case Study
  • Completion of a portfolio of 40 cases (cases to be completed on practical training days with MATA patient models)



The Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics has been developed to cover eight key learning outcomes through your e-learning, practical training, and assessments.

E-Learning with MATA takes place through our bespoke Virtual Learning Environment and features six interactive modules that include demonstration videos and references to external resources to enhance your learning. Each module is concluded with a set of multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge and allow you to keep an eye on your progress.

Foundation Training

Foundation Training

Foundation Training forms the first two days of practical training included within your Diploma, with Day One focusing on Anti-Wrinkle injection theory and practice and Day Two looking at dermal filler theory and practice. Each session will begin with a presentation by one of MATA’s expert trainers that covers the core theory required for safe aesthetic injectables practice, which is followed by hands-on practice on patient models provided by MATA.

Foundation Training will cover the following Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment areas, allowing you to start your logbook of 40 patients that forms an element of your Diploma’s assessment:

Anti-Wrinkle  Areas:

  • Forehead Lines
  • Crows Feet
  • Glabella Lines

Dermal Filler Areas:

  • Lip Filler
  • Cheek Filler
  • Marionette Lines

Foundation Mentorship

Foundation Mentorship

Your Foundation Mentorship Day is the third day of practical training included within the Diploma and is designed to consolidate the knowledge and skills you have developed through your Foundation Training. You will gain further hand-on practice in Anti-Wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, and as some of the provided models will require both procedures; the Foundation Mentorship day will give you the opportunity to see how these products work in synergy to create incredible results for your clients.
Foundation Mentorship focuses on the following treatment areas to continue completing your logbook:

  • Lip filler
  • Cheek filler
  • Marionette lines
  • 3 Anti-Wrinkle Injection areas
  • (forehead, crows feet, glabella lines)

Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Your Advanced Training forms the fourth and fifth practical training days of your Diploma and builds on the skills you have developed through your Foundation Training and Mentorship. As in your Foundation Training, Day One will focus on Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Day Two on Dermal Filler.

Advanced Training will not only let you explore new facial areas for aesthetic injectable treatment, but you will also be able to investigate non-facial treatments and the use of Anti-Wrinkle Injections to treat medical conditions; all on patient models provided by MATA.

Advanced Training will cover the following treatment areas, giving you further patient experience to add to your logbook:

Anti-Wrinkle Areas:

  • Brow Lift
  • Neck Lift
  • Gummy Smile Reduction
  • Bunny Lines
  • Jowl Reduction
  • Hyperhidrosis
  •  Bruxism
  • Peri-oral Lines

Dermal Filler Areas:

  • Temple Filler
  • Jaw Filler
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Chin Filler
  • Tear Trough Filler

Advanced Mentorship

Advanced Mentorship

Your Advanced Mentorship Day is the final day of practical training included in your Diploma and is designed to cement the knowledge and skills developed through your Advanced Training. As in your Foundation Mentorship Day, you will have the opportunity to practice and combine a wide range of Anti-Wrinkle Injections and dermal filler procedures, including those targeted at treating medical conditions.
The Advanced Mentorship Day focuses on the following treatment areas, allowing you to complete your logbook of forty patients:

  • Brow lift
  • Neck lift
  • Bunny lines
  • Gummy smile
  • Jowl reduction
  • Masseters (bruxism)
  • Underarms (hyperhidrosis)
  • Jaw filler
  • Chin filler
  • Nasolabial lines
  • Temple filler
  • Tear trough

Short Answer Questions

Short Answer Questions

Short Answer Questions are an assessment element of your postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics. Comprised of 40 questions to be answered in no less than 150 words, included topics cover a wide range of aesthetics practice, from clinical work and interacting with clients to running an aesthetics business. The questions have been written to direct you towards areas that require deeper research, and act as a key to the self-guided study you will need to complete in order to successfully pass the Diploma.

Written Assessments

Written Assessment

The Written Assessment is an assessment element of your Postgraduate Diploma in Facial Aesthetics and is comprised of a Risk Assessment, a Critical Literature Review, and a Case Study.
The Risk Assessment can be on the topic of your choice within the context of working within an aesthetics clinic, for example, sharps handling, infection control, or electrical equipment and fire hazards.

The Critical Literature Review can be on the topic of your choice within aesthetics, allowing you to delve deeper into an area of particular interest, or into an area that you would like to specialise in as a practitioner.
The Case Study requires that a model from your practical training is selected for the write-up, and should include your assessment of their needs during the initial consultation, the treatment(s) performed, and a follow-up consultation which can be conducted through video conferencing as required.

Units and



  • Anatomy and physiology of muscles, skin, nerves, and glands
  • Safe injectable practice


  • Identify patient needs and motivations
  • Explain procedures and learn to log patient treatment records


  • In-depth understanding of Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler Injectable Therapies
  • Safe Clinical Practice for aesthetic procedures


  • Learn the fundamentals of pharmacology, toxicology and biologics
  • Recognise conditions like hyperhidrosis and complications


  • Clinical compliance, potential risks and managing medical emergencies
  • Complete written assignments and a clinical compliance folder as evidence


  • Learn skills to evaluate the scientific literature
  • Identify and demonstrate clinical thinking, writing and referencing


  • Evidence of clinical professionalism



  • 02/03/2023

    "Doing the full 9 month Diploma level 7 aesthetics course for nurses in Auckland NZ. Just completed the 2 day foundation training this weekend 4-5th March 2023. Dylan from sales was super friendly, helpful & responded to emails & calls promptly which was much appreciated. Thank you."

    Miss H
  • 21/04/2020

    "I was looking online for an academy for Anti-Wrinkle and dermal fillers training and found MATA. I registered for both the foundation and advanced courses in January 2020. The experience was amazing. The online learning modules are so helpful. The trainers (Amy, Sarah Louise & Semira) are so helpful and nice. MATA courses are highly recommended due to the professionalism (Lectures, hands-on, trainers, etc)"

    Wissam Medawar
  • 14/04/2020

    "Fantastic academy! I recently did a foundation anti-wrinkle and Fillers course and found it really thorough with lots of practical experience, especially good as I have done a course elsewhere which I wasn't happy with. I am now considering the diploma and will be back for the lip course. Thanks to your friendly trainers and team!"

    B Baila


Absolutely. As the Postgraduate Diploma is completed through blended learning, you will only need to commit to six days of practical training over the course of six to twelve months with a choice of dates available. The remainder of the course is conducted online through MATA’s bespoke Virtual Learning Environment, and you are free to complete this around your own schedule.
The PostgraduateDiploma is the quickest, most cost-effective way to transform yourself from a complete beginner to an advanced practitioner in Anti-Wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Even if you’re an existing practitioner, the Diploma will let you gain a greater theoretical understanding of anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers, whilst gaining an internationally recognised qualification.
The Postgraduate Diploma will cement your skills and knowledge in a wide range of Anti-Wrinkle and dermal filler treatment areas, refining your technique through hands-on practice. MATA graduates have gone in a variety of different directions after qualifying; with some opening their own business, some gaining employment in an existing clinic, and others adding aesthetic injectables as a lucrative treatment area at their existing practice. The choice is yours.
With Anti-Wrinkle treatments cost an average of $300 to $700 per treatment, and dermal fillers similarly priced; delegates looking to set up their own business or add these services to their existing firm could stand to earn a significant income from practicing in aesthetic injectables. Delegates looking to join existing clinics can expect to earn an above-average salary which is generally greater than if they were practicing in more traditional medical areas.
A little extra practice is always a good thing, and at MATA we are happy to make that possible. Additional Mentorship Days can be booked, or our Masterclasses are a perfect way to gain some additional hands-on practice in specific treatment areas. Alternatively, why not book a one-to-one training session? These sessions are designed around you, letting you choose which anti-wrinkle and dermal filler areas to focus on, and you will have our trainers’ undivided attention throughout.
MATA’s training is exclusively available to the following medical professionals:
  • Nurses and Midwives registered with ANMAC
  • Doctors registered with AMC
  • Dentists registered with ADC
We understand that any training can be a big financial commitment. Our Postgraduate can be paid over time, with an initial deposit of $3800, with the remainder to be paid over up to ten months.
Joining MATA’s Postgraduate Diploma will give you exclusive lifetime access to our private support group; where you will be able to discuss the course with other delegates and network with other professionals in the aesthetic industry, along with keeping up to date with the latest industry and regulatory news.


Beginner Courses

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Advanced Courses

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