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The aesthetics and anti-ageing business is booming worldwide and many health care and beauty professionals are considering the best ways to meet the increasing demands for non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Being able to offer treatments such as botulinum toxin (BOTOX®) is a highly lucrative option in building your aesthetics practice.  However, just because the procedure is minimally invasive it doesn’t mean it is without risk.  Medical and government guidelines, along with insurance indemnity, insist upon the appropriate amount of training and qualification before you are permitted to practice.

Choosing the right BOTOX® course is important to your career development.  You want a course that is straight forward, learnt at your own pace and valuable to employers or future business stakeholders.

BOTOX® training at MATA Courses offers you the flexibility and high standards you need to deliver successful treatments for existing and new clients.


Devised in London’s world famous centre for medical excellence, Harley Street, MATA Courses are leading the way in training standards. Going beyond government and legal requirements, MATA ensures each course is fully comprehensive, including all aspects of patient/user safety; effective treatments and even business planning.

The MATA package of courses and qualifications allows you to build your medical education in a “bolt-on” fashion to suit the ever changing consumer needs. The MATA way of learning can also help you develop your long term career by looking ahead to higher levels of certification and/or qualification.

The BOTOX courses at MATA provide a blend of online learning and practical sessions for both Foundation and Advanced Levels. Our tutors for this qualification are experts in aesthetics and have a great deal of tutoring experience in the industry.  But the learning experience does not end with assessment or qualification. The MATA support team is always on hand for any questions and assistance you might need after the training sessions are over. This is why we are known as an academy – the training, qualifications and wider support community are revered and recognised within national law and industry.

Botox Certification and Qualification

The equivalent of the UK’s post graduate level is known as Level 7 (6 being the level of a typical Bachelor of Arts/Science degree from most international universities.

At MATA we teach BOTOX® and other injectibles at this level. It is a recognised unit that can be added on to a post graduate degree that will count towards a Level 7 qualification. This is the certificate that you will want to proudly display on your practice wall or desk but it is also essential for your insurance indemnity.

Who is the course for?

The Foundation course for BOTOX® is designed for most professionals who have been educated within the healthcare sector to a Bachelor degree level. Typically those ready to register are:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Dentists

MATA’s Advanced Level is for healthcare professionals who have already completed the Foundation Level training with us or who have equivalent experience, and those already practising but wishing to learn new techniques.

We would love you to become part of the MATA learning community by sharing our forums and discussions as part of your life-long learning and development. MATA will support you at all stages of your learning and our course tutors will be happy to discuss how to get the most from your studies.

Course Content

Essentially, the MATA approach is a blended learning course which includes:

    • Online theory which can be studied in your own time via our university-standard learning platform with interactive tests.
    • Tutorials with hands-on practice with cadaverous materials progressing to live models.
    • Clinic-based assessments and completion of a log book.
    • Written examinations.
    • Ongoing support if needed.

Foundation BOTOX Course Content

Around 100 hours (containing four core units and one optional unit) covering:

      • Facial Anatomy
      • Optional dissection and injectable practice on cadavers
      • Different types/brands of Botulinum Toxin
      • Medical history, consent forms and note taking
      • Patient assessment
      • Frown lines
      • Forehead lines
      • Crow’s feet
      • Brow lifting
      • Achieving a natural result with Botox
      • Pre-treatment and post-treatment care
      • Possible complications and how to avoid/deal with them
      • Demonstrations
      • Practical training on models

Advanced BOTOX Course ContentAround 200 hours (containing four core units and all six optional units) covering:

      • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
      • Definition of the chin/jaw (bruxism)
      • How to correct a downward turned smile
      • Brow lift
      • Reduce a gummy smile
      • Smoker’s lines around the mouth
      • Nefertiti lift

Career Opportunities

The demand for minimally invasive, injectable procedures such as BOTOX® is not showing any signs of slowing down. By completing a BOTOX® course at MATA you will be setting yourself up for success in the short and long term.

If you are just setting out on your own, the business planning and support component of the course will help you to capitalise on your current skills and where to develop new opportunities. You can consider the type of business practice that would suit your work/life balance and how to reach your earning potential. A business set up could look like any one of the following:

      • Start your own aesthetics business such as an independent clinic or hire space in another’s clinic
      • Seek employment by another aesthetics business eg. spa or clinic
      • Aim for employment within a medical environment such as hospital
      • Freelance your services to a mix of the above options
      • Develop knowledge and experience further to become a tutor
      • Develop knowledge further to work in the manufacturing sector

How much time will it take to complete the Foundation Level?

The Foundation Level should take around 100 hours in all.  But the theory section is a self-paced element can be done in your own time.  You can register for the tutorials and practical hands-on sessions when you have reached succession of the online section.

You will need to attend the one day clinical hands-on sessions (call us for dates and times).  Completion of a Log Book Assessment, either before or after the clinical hands-on sessions is also a significant part of the course.

If you are already in clinical practice it may be quicker for you to complete the Log Book Assessment than if you don’t have access to BOTOX® therapy.

As a qualification, is it worth training for even if I don’t want to practice on BOTOX® straight away?

Yes, you do not need to immediately practice with BOTOX but you will not benefit from the experience gained by frequent application on paying clients.  The “Level 7” Course is a modular, accredited short course which means you can use it as a credit to reaching a Level 7 “Post Graduate” or “Master’s Degree”.  It is therefore valuable to reaching this educational goal.  However, the amount of time and money invested is something to consider if you are not going to capitalise on the earning potential.

Who will conduct the training?

The Tutors and assessors on the MATA courses are highly experienced experts within the medical and aesthetics world and they have accrued many years of practicing and tutoring.  One of the most important elements of the course is the industry knowledge that our tutors can share with the students.  At MATA we encourage delegates to widen the group discussions so that all facets of the procedure are considered.  So, rather than just focusing on needles and skin, you should feel free to ask questions on such things as patient behaviours.

Is this qualification right for my practice?

Whatever business model you are involved in, if you are practicing BOTOX or similar injectable procedures you MUST have this level of qualification.  Courses vary but there will be certain components that are mandatory in order to qualify for certification.  We recommend you register for a course that gives you more than the basic legal requirements.  You will benefit from learning about the industry and customer needs which will in turn pay dividends through competitive advantage etc.

How many people are in the tutoring sessions?

At MATA we aim group sizes that are small enough for close tutor attention yet large enough to enable rich and valuable discussion time.  Generally this is around 10-12 students per session.

Will I learn much about facial anatomy?

The anatomy of the face is a significant part of the training session.  Skin, bone and muscle structure sets the basis for the next stage of learning.  At MATA there is an optional dissection session using fresh-frozen cadaver material to give a good understanding of the properties of human flesh.

What if I fail the assessment?

At MATA we ensure all tests and assessments are clearly explained along with what is required to successfully complete each one.   If you do not meet the Pass criteria your tutor will guide you on how to improve your performance.  They will also explain the options for retaking the assessments.  To be successful you must pass the required grade for each component.  MATA IQ centre policies explain our Assessment appeals and referrals procedures.

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